Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

Latest Gadget Trends

Gadget is any device programmed by software. Most gadgets like Smartphone, tablets, PSP (Play Station Portable), music player are run through operating system. Generally, gadget is an electronic device that has a particular or many functions. It is used as an entertainment for many people especially young ones. It can also be used as a weight manager, health checker, security device, communicator, map, etc. As technology keeps on evolving, gadgets are getting smaller, thinner, and lighter but more powerful. Smartphone or Tablet can install many applications without slowing down its memory just like any other high-end computer devices, a portable hard drive can store big files with faster transfer speed,
a wireless headphone can connect to your music player through Bluetooth pairing, a wristwatch that can also be used as a music player, a portable game controller, and gadgets controlled by other gadgets. These are some of the latest gadget trends today:

1. iPhone 5. The latest version of Apple's iPhone series that sold more than 2 million phones in the first 24 hours of taking pre-orders on 14th day of September is here. Experience the great design, larger screen, and quality camera of the new iPhone 5 that is slimmer and lighter from its predecessor. It is the latest and hottest Smartphone in the store right now. So what are you waiting for? Have one right now! 

2. Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Micro Key Chain. If your Android phone is always running low of battery and you think that bringing an extra battery or charger is your only option, that's a big mistake. This is the hassle free solution for your problem. A reserve micro key chain that lets you charge your Android when out of juice. Micro packs a 1,000mAh rechargeable cell that probably makes your Android phone almost fully charge. 

 3. MOGA Gaming Controller. Technology is fast and inevitably evolving that even cell phones can be used likely as PSP (Play Station Portable). These kinds of phones are commonly known as Smartphone. The best selling kind of Smartphone is touch screen. But playing with Smartphone's touch screen is not accurate and responsive for serious gamer. That's where the MOGA gaming controller comes in. It is a portable controller that includes dual analog sticks, shoulder trigger and four action buttons for 18 hours of game play. You can easily snap it onto Bluetooth-enabled Android Smartphone and tablets and it supports an ever-increasing library of games. 

4. A.R. Drone 2.0. Street games are the most exciting game for kids before but now, kids prefer to sit all day with computer than to play outside. A.R. Drone 2.o is the answer of new generation's flying a kite. It is a quad rotor helicopter with built-in cameras and video recorder that can be used to see the aerial view of your house, capture aerial scenes or you can act like a spy with your spying camera above. Unlike other remote control helicopters, this one is easy to fly because it is controlled by Smartphone or tablets. 

5. Sony SmartWatch MN2. Sony's SmartWatch is a wristwatch-like device that allows owners to read messages, manage calls, browse social updates and emails, and control music that is playing in an Android phone. It helps those who prefer to keep their Smartphone hidden and safe in their pocket or bag. 

It is made out of aluminum and polish plastic with 1.3-inch of display. It has a pre-selection of pre-loaded applications, including Facebook and Google Maps. In order to use the wristwatch, it must be connected via Bluetooth to your Smartphone running Android version 2.1 and above. Its battery can last up to 3 to 4 days under typical usage, and 14 days in standby mode. You can charge it through USB cable. These wonderful gadgets accomplished and made possible by people who think beyond what we can imagine. What we have right now is the fruitful outcome of the hard work of all humanity. The only thing we need to do is to look forward for the new things and discoveries in the near future and it surely brings another changes into our lives. 

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